About FalTac


Where it all Started

Starting in a small apartment bedroom, in June of 2016,  FalTac was born to accommodate the need for holster demand through a local gun store.  Countless hours, early mornings and late nights made this dream a reality. After a few short months, FalTac has outgrown its space...



April of 2017 FalTac moved into commercial space in Manchester. Allowing FalTac to expand into other venues and create new and improved products, and partnering with multiple companies.


The Future Of FalTac

FalTac Unlimited LLC has recently acquired its class 07 Manufacturing license. Thus allowing us to  buy, sell, and trade weapons of all sorts. 2018 will bring us our SOT and ITAR registration allowing FalTac to produce full autos, suppressors, and any and all NFA Items. We will be venturing into laser engraving and many other sought after customization techniques to provide exactly what you want!